About us

QINGDAO REGENCO  INDUSTRY CO.,LIMITED (Former Qingdao City Glass Co.,Limited)is a professional glass & mirror manufacturer and exporter which has been successfully operating in Qingdao, China, since 2003. A new glass and mirror factory has been established in Cairo, Egypt, since 2014.Named Regenco for Glass and Mirror S.A.E.

REGENCO GLASS & MIRROR is dedicated to provide advanced glass solution to building, decoration, furniture, automotive and solar industry. In almost a decade of operations, we have become one of the leading glass and mirror manufacturers and exporters in China. We are capable of providing 2-19mm, high quality glass and mirror with many different specifications. We can supply a comprehensive range of products that include clear float glass, low iron glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, silver mirror, aluminum mirror, safety glass, pattern glass, solar glass and so on.

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